Day 2: Bluesy Retail Therapy

I woke up this morning bright and early, but immediately fell into a lethargic unmotivated state that has been plaguing me lately. I contemplated not going into work and but finally managed to get out of bed.

My work colleague had  a mission to queue and buy a Nintendo Switch this morning. I thought to myself… I’m going to get me one of those too. That will cheer me up. Now I have it (and 500 bucks lighter), I’m wondering if playing video games alone is really going to lighten my mood.

Otherwise its been an ok day. Although its 5pm, and I already have a temptation to go for a drink and drown the sorrows away…

No! I should go home, go to the gym, play the Switch. Ugh… sounds dull enough I must admit. Very planned out. Never have been good for planning.

I’ve been drinking too much lately though, so really I should get into a pattern of being boring for a while.